Thursday, June 14, 2007

House to Home Makeover continues

If you may recall, I talked about on the old blog about doing a "House to Home Makeover" decluttering and making my house more homey. Well Sunday my DH was home and he helped me rearrange our living room and declutter it. I think it looks SO much better!! You can see the before pictures here and here.

This is the bar that separates the kitchen and living room. There was a microwave sitting against the wall. We rarely use it though. So I moved it to under the sink. If we can go a couple of weeks without missing it then I'll be removing it from the house permently.

This is the section in front of the tv. The basket holds a few diapers and diaper rash cream, the wipes are slid under the couch. I keep some in the living room so I don't have to go to the nursery every time I need to change CJ. The basket off the right side of the picture is CJ's toys.

These are my Willow Tree Angels and a candle my momma gave me. The first Willow Tree is a woman holding a baby that I got for Mother's Day. The second is an angel holding a seashell up to her ear that my best friend gave me while I was pregnant and really sick in the hospital. The last is a pregnant woman. I love Willow Tree Angels.

This is the top of our stereo. The flower arrangement is one I made for our reception.

This is my basket that I keep next to the recliner. It holds my crochet and the books I'm reading.

Finally this is the top of our fridge.

More to come,


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John Trosko said...

Nice job! Keep up the good work Mrs. B.!

- John