Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Free moment

I have a free moment while CJ naps. I was supposed to have Jury Duty this week, but all the cases were settled out of court so it was cancelled. (yay!) My house smells so yummy. I started the chicken for soft tacos before I left the house this morning, and when I returned home a couple of hours later my house was already fragrant. I can't wait for supper tonight. (thanks to my good friend, Debi, for the recipe)

Yesterday I received a suprise in my mail from my bestest friend, Jillian. We met months ago on Diaper Swappers and found out our sons are only 16 days a part. She was sweet enough to have a pink and brown John Deere bag made for me and a small boyish John Deere bag made for CJ because she knows how much we love John Deere (CJ's room is all John Deere)

I also have to share my latest product, Shea & Aloe Body Butter.



Maggie said...

What cute bags!

Debbie J. said...

Hi there, I have been making lots of John Deere pocketbooks. Haven't sold any on line, my dh sells them as fast as I can make them around here. I love the john deere diapers!

MoziEsmé said...

I love that bag! And I'm not even a big John Deere fan!

Drea said...

awe very cute bag!!