Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Making Bathtime easy

Giving CJ a bath was a struggle trying to hold him while he was wet, supporting his neck, and trying to wash him until I came up with this solution. I lay a handtowel in the bottom of the bathtub and turn the water on warm. I don't put the stopper in the tub I just let the water run. Then I lay CJ on the towel and now I can give him his bath hassle-free. Normally he would scream the entire time I was giving him a bath but now he enjoys bathtime.

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Frugal Disney Mom said...

Have you tried laying down the towel putting in a little bit of water and turning off the water. So much water is being wasted by letting it run.

misslionheart said...

If the baby is safe and having fun, let the water run!