Thursday, November 1, 2007


We have acquired some new items for our house recently. One being a really comfy new couch.

My best friend gifted us this couch when they purchased a new living room set about a month ago. This couch is pretty new its self so we were happy to give it a new home.

On a recent trip to Michaels we found that they had some super deals that night. The pictures were $3 and on sale for 30% off!! And the frames were around $6 and also on sale for 30%off. The shelf was on sale for $9.99. It has pegs that will be perfect for stockings come time for Christmas. :D Ignore the wire going up the wall. It belongs to Mr B's stereo. :)

I got a new to us cupboard for the kitchen also to put some of Mr B's Grandma's China on but I still need to take new pictures of that. Right now it is holding supplies, product, and things like that for my business, which is doing very well I must say. :) At least one new order a day coming in so far. :D

Also I made another ring sling. This one was for a friend in WI. :) It has metal rings since I was out of my rings from SlingRings. Its made from an all natural cotton material that was around $2 a yard.

And a recent pic of CJ.

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Drea said...

the sling looks fab :-) i should get u to make me one out of a fabric i choose teehee