Sunday, October 28, 2007

58 days and Counting

Today its cold outside. Its the first real fall like day we've had and I relished in it. Fall and Winter are my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year. We went to Walmart today and the garden center is full of pansies and all the Christmas stuff is out. The Holiday Season is creeping up on and us and I couldn't be more happy. This year is so exciting. It will be the first holiday season that our house really feels like home and I plan to decorate and celebrate to my hearts content. Its CJ's First Christmas and its so exciting. We have already been buying gifts for him. :) I shop for Christmas all year and its that time of year to pull them all out and see what I've bought to see whats left to buy. Soon it will be Thanksgiving. And then Black Friday. :) The day I plan to shop shop shop and put up all my Christmas decorations.

We took CJ down the Christmas aisles and we played with all the singing animals. If only we as adults could be as easily pleased as he was watching them sign. dance and light up. The joy in his eyes was simply wonderful.


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Jami said...

Yep. I LOVE Christmas! I've already got my list of gifts to make. (i'm being cheap this year!)

Aww! I wish I could've seen him! Bet he looked really cute!

So, you get me anything? ;-D j/k