Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How to Run Your House Without Letting It Run You

I received a new book from Paperback Book Swap yesterday. :) This books is filled with neat tips about homekeeping.
Some examples are:
~Put a dot of red paint or nail polish on the "off" marking on your stove and oven knobs so you can tell at a glance if they are off.
~When baking, break eggs into your measuring cup first, dump them out, and them measure the shortening. the shortening won't stick to the cup, but will slip out easily. (Note from MrsB- I do this to make sure no egg shells accidentially get in my food)
I had some time to do some sewing during CJ's nap today also. So I worked on a project I've been wanting to do but hadn't gotten around to. I made a new Ring Sling. :) It is really comfortable and CJ loves being in it. I can't wait to try it out really good on Friday at the State Fair.



Alexandra said...

Neat book, you'll have to share more when you are done!

Anonymous said...

I love that book. I'm so glad you got a copy.

You did a great job on that ring sing. I'm proud of you!

CJ does look adorable in it too.

Love ya~