Friday, October 5, 2007

America Christmas

In houses all around the country it will be an All American Christmas.....all American made toys under the tree and its about time! Unforunately the reason for this is the millions of toys being recalled due to high levels of lead. And now its Baby Einstein. :( We bought CJ a set of the soft, textured blocks as a Christmas present b/c 1) they are Baby Einstein so they have to be safe right? ha! wrong! and 2) they aren't plastic, they are fabric.

Luckily our blocks were not part of the recall. But I'm still not sure I trust them.

You can see all (I think) of the recalled toys at the link above.

There was also a massive crib recall.

It looks exactly like the crib CJ has. :( Thank goodness he doesn't like to sleep in it. I need to check the model numbers tomorrow.


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