Monday, July 21, 2008

Its Monday again! I've been so busy. Cleaning and decluttering. Yesterday we cleaned out part of our spare room and then we moved out the desk and brought it into the living room. I originally thought it would take up too much space if we brought it in here, but it fits perfectly in front of the window where my laptop sat on a small 3 shelf bookshelf before. Now my printer sits on the desk with me instead of on the floor beside the shelf. It is a vast improvement over what I was using, and it looks much better. I have room to display CJ's pictures and now I have drawers to put my printer papers and the like without it looking cluttered.

Last week I went shopping with my friend. We went to Once Upon A Child where I snagged some great deals for CJ. I got him a wooden push cart with different activies on each side. He is completely in love with it.

OK I better go start the laundry and get to work. I have several orders that need to go out today.

Have a wonderful monday,
Mrs B

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DEBRA said...

Hi Kelly,

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog and ETSY shops.

I love your BLOG! I can't wait to visit again.