Monday, September 10, 2007

I got a new light!

Awhile back the motor in the ceiling fan in the kitchen burnt up so we had to take it down. Well since then theres been nothing there but the cover. So yesterday MrB bought a beauitful new light fixture for my kitchen. I forgot to take a picture of the cover before he took it down. So I took a picture of the ceiling after it was off and the cover itself laying on the floor.

And here is my new light fixture! Its got a marbled glass bowl on it. And it puts out such beautiful lighting.

These are the beautiful carnations I got yesterday also. The red ones were bought for me, and the purple and white ones were bought for Mama but the vase was too small to hold all them them. So I added the extras to my vase. :-) The vase, by the way, is a tall cookie tin wrapped in tissue paper. :D They smell wonderful and are something pretty look at when I'm on the computer.


Paula said...

Hey Kelly,

I love the light fixture, so pretty!

Good idea with the tissue paper and cookie tin. Had you not said anything I would have thought it a lovely vase.

Love, Mama
PS thanks for the carnations, I have them sitting by the sink to enjoy as I wash up the dishes. Hugs.

MrsB said...

Thanks Mama! and you're welcome for the flowers. :-)

Craftydaughter said...

Hey Kel,

Wow! I love the new light! Very, very elegant!
That was a cookie tin? Could of fooled me. :-D

Love, Sis