Thursday, September 6, 2007

Shiny Sink and Grocery Shopping

I've been trying to get CJ into bed earlier and its finally working! The past few nights he has been asleep by 9pm. yay! That means I get to spend some time with MrB and get my bedtime routine into swing. I've been trying to do a pick-up of the living room and kitchen at night before I go to bed. Well. Last night I had all my dishes done and decided to shine my sink. It was alittle dingy from where I mopped the kitchen floor the other day. Boy did my kitchen smile at me this morning when I got up! It felt so nice to come into a clean kitchen with a nice, shiny, smiling sink!

Today I went to the grocery store because my poor freezer was crying for food! I know I've been terrible about posting my totals from my regular grocery shopping so here are the totals from today.

Sirloin Tip Steak .69# ($2.99/#) $2.06
Sirloin Tip Steak .62# ($2.99/#) $1.85
Boneless Pork Chops 1.12# ($2.99/#) $3.35
Boneless Pork Shops 1.09# ($2.99/#) $3.26
2.55# Bananas $1.01
BBQ Sauce $0.79
1# Bass Farm sausage $2.50 (Man! I'm just looking at my receipt for the first time and I see this rang up $2.99 which is the reg price! They ALWAYS do that and yet I continue to forget to look.)
Lipton Tea Bags 24ct $1.69
Mac & Cheese $0.99
1# Baby Carrots $1.19
Del Monte Sweet Peas $0.79
Total: $20.37

Also got milk, cheese, cereal and juice with my WIC.

Then to Dollar General to get my sugar since its cheaper there and right across the street.
(2) 4# Sugar $1.65 each

Off to get the clothes off the line. :-)


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