Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cool breezes, Good deals, Great movie,

Wonderful times.....Life is great!

Friday night, MrB, CJ, and myself met my friend Hayley, her hubby and their 2 kids at CiCi's pizza for a nice night out. We had a coupon for 2 adult buffets and 2 drinks for $9.99, not a bad deal for us to eat out.

Then last night MrB, CJ and myself enjoyed a wonderful Hallmark movie called "What The Deaf Name Heard" lent to us by Mama and Sis. It was funny, it was sweet, and best of all it was a nice clean movie that the whole family can enjoy. If you get a chance check it out.

Today we woke up to nice cool day with a wonderfully delightful breeze! So of course, off went the a/c and up went all the windows! I love it when I finally get to open my windows! MrB took me to Wal-Mart today to get my WIC and we found some great deals on toys for Christmas presents! :-) And some caramel apples as a treat for me and MrB.

Playskool Busy Elephant with 8 activites reg ?? sale $11

(2)4pc Puzzle Blocks reg $2.44 sale $2

(3)Stacking Activity Blocks reg $8.44 sale $4

4 pk Caramel Apples with nuts reg $2.98 sale $1 these "expire" tomorrow :-) But I think we'll enjoy them tonight.

Then I had some coupons I wanted to use so I got:

Huggies Natural Care baby Wash reg $2.82 after coupon $0.82

Huggies Naturally Refreshing diaper Wipes reg $2.53 after coupon $1.53

Huggies Shea Butter Disposable Washcloths reg $2.82 after coupon $1.82

Huggies Clean Team flushable Moist Wipes reg $2.57 after coupon $1.57

I also picked up 2 green rubber duckies for $0.97 each. One is a new one for CJ who loves playing with his rubber ducks and the other for our nephew who is turning 1 on saturday.

Ha! I didn't realize one of the elephants ears is folded back. opps! I really should get better about checking those kinds of things. Oh well.

Have a great Labor Day!


earthy said...

Just wandered across your blog & wanted to say GOOD JOB on the shopping, awesome finds!

Maine Mama said...

Congrats on the great deals! I did some early Christmas shopping back in July when Target first started clearing out toys to make room for the new Christmas stuff.

Emily C said...

You'll want to check and see where that busy elephant was made--

if it was made in China, it's safe (believe it or not) but if it was made in Korea there's a strangulation hazard. Playskool is offering a free gift for those who cut off the entire cord attaching the mouse to the elephant (in the pouch, I think)

For more information, check out this link:

MrsB said...

Thanks for dropping by! Please visit again.

Emily, thanks! I checked and its made in China. :-)