Sunday, July 29, 2007

Babytalk & Veggies

Its harvest time! And I loooove it! I don't have a garden per say. I have a Roma tomato plant that I've gotten one mater off of as well as a green pepper plant that has produced flowers but no peppers. My grandaddy how ever also plants a huge garden! And they share the love with everyone since the garden always produces more than they can eat/can. Friday we visited them for awhile and they gave me a wonderful gift of canned maters, strawberry jam, string beans, squash and cucumbers! Yummy!! I can't wait to have a supper of fresh string beans, squash and Rice & tomatoes! Yum! (With meat for my hubby of course! lol)

My dad works on a farm that grows potatoes as well as other things. I received this bag full of wonderful bakinig potatoes fresh from the field from him.

Thank you Babytalk Magazine! I love Babytalk! Its a free magazine (click link to get a free subscription!) that I receive in the mail. This is one of the best baby magazines out there. So I just wanted to give a shout out to Babytalk for its current issue (Aug 07) about Breastfeeding as well as having mentioned babywearing TWICE! Yay Babytalk!

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