Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Finding what works for us

My son is asleep taking a much needed nap from our trip to the doc with daddy and then lunch with my grandparents. I have clothes going in the washer so I have a few free minutes until its time to start supper and finish up the laundry.

If you've visited me before you know I post often about something new I'm trying in order to save us money and/or time. There was the $40 a week challenge, menu planning at the beginning of the week, and the No Spend Month Challenge. For 2 months I wrote down in my binder every single cent I spent and what we had for supper that night. But as usual some how it got pushed onto the back burner along with other failed attempts at setting up a budget. I think it was a mixture of my son who is now very active and doesn't sleep or nurse as much so there's not alot of time to keep detailed accounts of our day and my new found hobby of sewing. (Thanks Mama for letting me borrow your sewing machine!! It'll come home eventually! *smile*)
So I'm trying to decide what works for us. Right now I'm really not sure. I have a hard time picking something and sticking to it. I'm frugal, I shop the sales, I watch my spending, and all those things. But when it comes to putting it on paper or setting up a budget it goes haywire!
Sooo what are your feelings about a budget? How did you pick your system and stick to it?



Mommy Babble said...

I (try to) do FlyLady. Especially having a control binder with everything in it that I keep out and look in often. I printed off some menu pages that have a place for a weekly menu and a side bar to write out a shopping list. I try to keep ahead by a few weeks so I have a nice stack filled out and ready to grab. It helps me not to spend as much money when I know what I'm getting and why.

MrsB said...

Thanks! I had something like a control binder before CJ and then I stopped. I guess I need to start another one.