Thursday, August 23, 2007

More great finds!

CJ is down for a nap so I thought I would take a minute to post. We went for CJ's 4month well baby visit yesterday and he weighs 16lbs 6oz and 26inches long. :-) We went to a new doctor and so far I really like him. He was great with CJ and didn't get impatient when CJ wouldn't stop crying during his exam. For some reason CJ only crys at the dr's office while we're in the exam room, thats it!

Saturday I scored some neat finds at my grandparents flea market/family yard sale. All of the items were left over from my cousin's 4H yard sale and they donated them to the family yard sale part of the flea market (all of our family's stuff they want to sell outside of the flea market booths).

First is a shelf that I'm going to re-paint and hang it in my bathroom.

Next is this cute Noah's Ark figurine that I sat on CJ's dresser. (The little "John Deere" guy off to the side was MrB's and already sits on CJ's dresser. I didn't realize he had snuck into the picture until I went to post it)

This cute little plaque I think I'm going to hang in CJ's room as well. Or maybe in his bathroom. I haven't decided yet.

This beautiful coblat blue glass "vase" type thing is gorgeous sitting in my bathroom. :-) Its a whooping 22" tall!

This is a close-up of the neat wave pattern on it.

I also got this neat little "bassinet" type deal. It will still hold CJ for alittle while, but we're only going to use it for naps in the living room when I'm in the room, not for all night sleeping. Afterwards I think I'll use it to put his stuffed animals in.

Here's a close-up of the teddy bear print. The shadows make it looks like its stained, but really its in brand new condition!

And last is this walker I got for CJ as well. His feet don't quite touch the floor yet but he likes to sit in it and let me pull him toward me and then push him arms length out from me. Great excerise for me! And keeps him happy.


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Drea said...

those are great walkers ;-)