Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life Happened

When we got internet at our house last week I assumed that would let me be able to post more on my blog. Unforunately I seem to have less time than ever. CJ is requiring more and more time as is my house. I'm tired of living in CHAOS (can't have any over syndrome....flylady.net) My house isn't terrible. Seriously I could have someone over and they not have to step over things. I would just be embrassed at the papers on the counter and coffee table and the kitchen floor not swept you know general housekeeping things that are/were lacking. So I have to choose most of the time....write on my blog about things I've done and want to do or play with my baby, spend time with my love and take care of my house. Soooo CJ's naptimes are when I get online, and that means I have to split my time between emails, my message boards, researching cloth diapers and blogging. Sooooo if I go a few days without posting please forgive me. I'm living my happy little life and I promise I'll post again!! Just please be patient and keep checking in.

OK I need to go for now. I promise to write again very soon!!!


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