Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Yard saling!

OK I know its a couple days late to be talking about what I got at the yard sales this weekend but it was a busy weekend! :-)

Friday night we went to see my brother play baseball. His All Star made it to the State Championships!! They ended up losing but it was big accomplishment to make it that far! :-) It was nice to watch him pitch and see all my little brothers and sister. :-) AND my brother hit a home run! yay!

So Saturday morning I got up to go yard saling and MrB went with me! :-D It was a wonderful morning out with my hubby. There was only a few yard sales around here, but we live in a small town. At the first we got a onesie for CJ and Joan of Arc on DVD for a total of 50cents.

At another I got myself a shirt for 25cents (too small, will probably be passed to Sis) and MrB got a Ninetendo 64 to put in his 18 wheeler for $10

At the next yard sale, I scored CJ the book "Guess How Much I love you" there are some pencil marks inside but I think I can clean it up to look almost brand new. Also got Sis a Nancy Drew book (copyright 1934) and a Hardy Boys book (copyright 1966) and myself The Silent Bell (copyright 1975 and signed by the author!) and The Herford Aesop (copyright 1921) for a total of $2

Since my new hobby is sewing, I picked up this plastic container of fabric for $3

At yet another yard sale, I got 8 pairs of jeans for me and a pair of Nauctica shorts for my brother for 25cents each!!

And this beautiful water fountain. I've wanted this fountain since it came out in the Avon books, but it was pretty expensive. This one is missing the power cord, but it works perfect and I only paid $2. :-) Plus I wouldn't plug it up anyway. lol

And of course we can't forget Max! He's the new pup MrB got from the yard sale where I got the books and fabric. The girl was giving him and his sister away b/c they found them on the side of the road and couldn't keep them. So we got Max. :-) He is part chow and maybe part lab? He's so little! Looks barely over 6 weeks old and already listens so well! He comes when MrB whistles and stays right at his feet from the first day we brought him home.
Let's see what else..... Thats all from the yard sales. But yesterday was a good day too. :-)
I received 3 packages of cloth dipes from mamas off of diaperswappers.com I'll post pics of them soon. They're drying right now. And my first book from Paperbackswap.com "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding". :-) So far I've sent one book (pd postage $2.81) and received one book (rec'd free!) and have another book on the way. :-) Sooooo if you decide you to join, and you SHOULD! Please use me as your referrer. :-) My id is cjsmommy. :-)
OK I better go. CJ is napping and I have a ton of things that need to be done!


Maine Mama said...

That is an awesome yard sailing haul! I've been striking out all summer.

Drea said...

oh my gosh great deals! this town seems to have a lot!
I love the guess how much I love you book. Its one of our favs! such great finds.

MrsB said...

Thanks ladies!

Drea...we'll have to go one saturday!