Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Works for Me

Its time for Works for Me Wednesday!! My tip for this week is about laundry baskets and trash cans! :-) The other night MrB, CJ and I went to Wal-Mart in search in of something to put CJ's dirty cloth dipes in as well as something to store his clean dipes in. Sometimes storage and organizational needs take thinking outside the box. So what did I find? A 36quart tall kitchen trash can for under $4 that fits perfect in my bathroom and is think enough that our dirty clothes fit beside it. I'm thinking of getting a couple more for the rest of our clothes and labeling them so I don't have to sort clothes when it laundry time. :-)
Now to store his dipes I bought a plastic rectangle laundry basket for less than $3. There's not quite enough room in it for all his liners, but I think I can put the extras in his dresser or closet.
Another laundry basket idea is to keep one in the trunk of your car. Then when you go shopping just put your bags into the basket as you're loading them in the car and then its just one trip into the house! Although I wouldn't put heavy items in the basket so that might add an extra trip. :-)
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Marcia said...

Good idea - I love using different things for organising uses. Come check my favourite organising tools series on my blog.

Organising queen and
Marcia's take charge blog

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing that idea :) I also like using something for a different purpose than what it meant for. Happy Wednesday!

WhatWorksForMom said...

Good idea; I love multi-purpose products!!

Kara said...

We used to use a walmart garbage can for dirty cloth diapers too, worked well. Good idea on the laundry basket for carrying groceries.

MrsB said...

Thanks for dropping by!!