Friday, August 24, 2007

Deals galore!

Today has been a busy and wonderful day. CJ and I ate lunch with Mama, Sis, A (our brother, 9), and the 2 little girls that Sis has been babysitting for all summer at Pizza Hut. It was a nice treat out for all of us. After that CJ and I went to Hallmark with Mama and A. I didn't buy anything (yay!) but I do love to look around that store and smell all the yummy candles. Mama offered to take CJ home while I did some grocery shopping, so of course I took her up on the offer!

First I went to Bath & Body Works where they were having a sale on all hand soaps and anti-bacterial hand gels. I picked a birthday gift for my SIL, a "just for" gift for Mama, and some hand soaps for the house. MrB has decided he LOVES BBW's Country Apple Foaming hand soap, so I thrilled when it was on sale.
This is what I bought:
8.75oz Country Apple foaming hand soap reg. $5 sale $3
8oz Kitchen Lemon anti-bacterial moisturizing hand soap reg. $5 sale $3
8.75oz Sensual Amber foaming soap reg. $5 sale $3 *sil b-day gift*
12oz Lavender hand soap reg. $6 sale $3 *Mama just for gift*
3oz Sensual Amber anti-bacterial hand gel reg. $4 sale $3 *sil b-day gift*
2oz Sensual Amber body lotion $3.50 (not on sale) *sil b-day gift*
2oz Irrestible Apple body lotion reg $3.50 sale $2
Total: $20.50 (w/o tax)
Regular Price: $32 (w/o tax)

Then at Wal-Mart I had a couple of coupons to use so I got:
16oz French Vanilla Coffee Mate creamer reg. $1.73 FREE after coupon
15oz Gerber Grins & Giggles Oatmeal Baby Wash reg. $2.47 $1.47 after coupon *nephew b-day gift*
15oz Huggies Mango, Coconut and Aloe Baby Wash reg. $2.82 $0.82 after coupon
64pk Huggies Supreme Diaper Wipes reg. $2.53 $1.53 after coupon
Toddler Bath Pouf $0.48 (no coupon) *nephew b-day gift*
Total: $4.30 (w/o tax)
Regular Price: $10.03 (w/o tax)

Tonight MrB had to run back to town so I made another stop at BBW since I had a coupon to use that I left at home during the first trip.
During this trip I got:
8.75oz Fresh Pineapple foaming soap reg. $5 sale $3 *CJ/guest bathroom or gift closet*
8oz Sparkling Peach hand soap reg. $4.50 sale $3 *gift closet*
8oz Mango Mandarin hand soap reg. $5 sale $3
3oz Midnight Pomegranate anti-bacterial hand gel reg. $4 sale $3
2oz Sparkling Peach anti-bacterial moisturizing hand lotion reg. $4 sale $3
1.7oz Midnight Pomergranate anti-bacterial waterless hand foam reg. $4 sale $3
8oz Sensual Amber Body Cream reg. $10.50 FREE after coupon
Total:$18.00 (w/o tax)
Regular Price: $37 (w/o tax)

Then to Wal-Mart (again! yuck. but MrB had to go) Mama had told me there was some great clearance but somehow I missed to baby toys today when I was there. They moved them from the spot Mama had told me they were.
So I got:
First Years keys $0.40 *gift closet*
(2) First Years Teething Bead $0.50each *1 for gift closet and 1 for CJ*
Baby Einstein Teethe and Tug Pal (turtle) $3 (marked $4) *CJ*
Munchkin Play 'n Pat Water Mat $5 *CJ Christmas*
Fisher Price Tabletop Playmat $7 *CJ Christmas*
Infantino Shake a Tune Rattle $2.50
Adidas anti-perspirant reg. $2.13 FREE after coupon
I'm not sure what the regular price of any of the baby items were.

All in all I think it was a good shopping day. We spent alot but I got 2 birthday gifts done and some items for my gift closet for Christmas. :-) We don't need much as far as groceries go this week, so I was able to spent some extra on gifts. :-)


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Gina said...

It was fun to see your lists. Felt like I was there. Thanks for sharing : )