Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Romance on a Budget

In the post I did recently, frugal tips was the #1 thing that readers want to see. Theres not much we do around here to be frugal that most people aren't already doing, but I'll try to post some of the them no and then. I'm always searching the web for more things I can do to save money. One of the things I'm always looking for is creative ways to show MrB that I love him and cheap dates. :-) In my search I found a great list over at Frugal Village.

Mail your loved one a card or letter.

Keep a journal of clippings/ideas of things your significant other has shown interest in. You will always have a handy reference for gift ideas.

Make a collage of sentimental memories and have it framed. As a surprise you could just hang it as a surprise or give it as a gift.

Post an ad to your sweetheart in the personal column of the newspaper.

Love coupons. These are so easy to make. It can be anything from a hug to a favorite meal. (or use your imagination)

Start a love calendar of important happy sharing moments, or events that are yet to happen.

Make a love tape of songs that you both enjoy. What a sweet surprise to find a tape in the cassette player in the car.

Find out your sweeties favorite foods and keep a little cookbook handy. Consult his/her family for childhood favorites.

Hide love notes in their pockets, in the fridge, on the windshield wipers. Get creative. Remind that person that they are special.

Do a chore that they normally do and hate. Choose something that you normally don't do. Does she always vacuum? You do it. Does he always take out the trash? You do it instead. May seem silly, but doing something surprising keeps that little element of spontaneity in arelationship.

Does your sweetie love something like M&M's? Or ice cream? Or anything? Don't just buy a small package. Buy a huge package. It is sure to get a smile and be enjoyed in the larger size even more.

Place a surprise on your sweetie's pillow. It is always nice to end the day on a romantic note. You could add a card or anything special.

Get out the chalk and you and the kids write a big love message to your sweetheart on the driveway as a surprise.

Start a restaurant/movies ratings book together. This is something fun that helps create lasting memories.

Get a special key-chain engraved for your loved one.

Read a book together. (Written by their favorite author)

Put a together a puzzle.

Plan a mystery night out. Plan a surprise outing.

Are dinners out getting expensive? Try breakfasts out.

Clip funny comics to post on the fridge.

When dining casually, sit together booth style.

One of my favorite cheap dates is one we actually had this weekend. I'll pick up a frozen pizza from the grocery store if they happen to be on sale for around $3 (I also like these for a cheap supper when I don't feel like cooking). And then on a friday or saturday night we want to do something but don't want to spend alot we'll go rent a movie ($4). Then I'll cook the pizza and we'll enjoy our "date night" at home for $7. This weekend though we picked up supper at Wendys for $9 instead of eatting pizza.