Sunday, June 8, 2008

Air Show and the beach

This weekend we took alittle trip as a family.

Friday we got to the Air Show about 4:30, got to park right at the gate which was really nice. It was SO hot! CJ had fun looking at the big planes and eatting frozen lemonade. he LOVED watching the planes fly and only got scared maybe once. Then when it got dark all the planes had flares and stuff attached to them and he really enjoyed watching the lights and the fireworks.

Saturday we opted to skip the Air Show since it was way too hot to take CJ again. We got up and went out for breakfast and then went to a bunch of little shops and walked around a bit. CJ got a hermit crab from one of the shops. After his nap we rode out to the Fort Macon State Park and spent a few minutes on the beach. He played in the sand for awhile but then got tired and hot so we left. It was unusually hot this year so we didn't get to enjoy everything like I wanted. :( We left Atlantic Beach around 3:30-4 and headed back inland. We stopped for dinner about an hour from home and then took CJ to a great little ice cream shop.

All in all it was a great weekend.

I'll post some pictures later! :)



Drea said...

The Air show I think would of scared CJ. We went to one in Cleveland Ohio when Caleb was almost 2.. and it scared him. He had to wear ear plugs 2... very loud. We had VIP seats tho.. so we were very close to the action.

My friend from elementary/high school works for the BLUE ANGELS.. so he got us free tickets. Plus all this cool free blue angels stuff... so Caleb did enjoy that part.. but he didnt like the loud planes.

Kelly/ said...

Actually CJ did great with it. :) Only once did he acted scared and thats bc the plane came from behind us and he didn't see it coming. This is the second time he has been. He slept through the first year we went. haha
We got there so early we were able to set up right at the fence too so we were really close.