Monday, June 23, 2008


Its Monday! Beginning of a new week. I have big plans for this week. I have closed my Hyena Cart down for the summer. I'm redoing my look, and working on my product line. I also want to take some time to clean up our craft room/spare bedroom/office/junk room and get it more organized. So this week is phase one.

#1) Clean off my kitchen table and move all the supplies I have on there back to the craft room

#2) move my sewing machine and sewing notions out and set it up on the table so I can sew this week.

#3) go through my gift "closet" (aka a huge laundry basket) and pull out things I don't want to keep and make a list of the things I do have

#4) start going through the yard sale items I've stashed away in there and put them in the car to take to the flea market

I have some sewing projects to do this week as well. I am making camera straps for my sister's camera. And a suprise for my mom.

OK I'm off to pick up the living room, vacuum and then crochet alittle while CJ plays with his blocks.

~Mrs B

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