Saturday, June 28, 2008

Busy weekend

Weekends are always super busy around here, full of housework, grocery shopping and working at the flea market on saturdays. Add to that my stepdad's birthday on Thursday and a toddler who is cutting 3 molars there hasn't been alot of time for blogging this week.
Since having CJ I have been using Purex Free and Clear on our clothes. And while it gets our clothes clean, I no longer have a nice, fresh, clean smell to my clothes. I had no desire to go back to scented laundry detergents because of CJ's sensitive skin, but I needed my clothes to smell good. So I took my trusty bottle of Sweet Orange Essential Oil and added 1/4 tsp to my washing machine with the detergent. My clothes have never smelt better. And it works as a air freshener. My laundry area/entry way smells citrus-y fresh as soon as I open the washer.

Another thing I've started doing differently to my laundry is using wool dryer balls. You can buy PVC dryer balls at walmart or wool dryer balls on many Hyena Cart stores. But I found directions on how to make your own and they are working great! I try to only use my dryer for my smaller things, like CJ's clothes and wash cloths/dishrags/etc that won't fit on the line or drying rack. And with these dryer balls my clothes dry so much faster! Some people say it has cut their drying time in half. I haven't found it to be half yet, as I have an older dryer, but it has at least cut the drying time down by 1/4.

Do any of my readers have any other laundry tips?

Have a nice weekend,
Mrs B

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thehomespunheart said...

Would you share how to make the dryer ball? Thanks! Monica